The Island of Eleuthera


Eleuthera is an extremely large Bahamian island, stretching 180 km long. Located 200 miles east of Florida, Eleuthera provides easy accessibility while remaining very secluded. Often you will find yourself alone at the beach, very rarely seeing another person passing by.

The island ranges from renowned pink sand beaches, jaw-dropping overhanging cliffs, and coves. The Glass Window Bridge, one of the thinnest parts of the islands, provides an amazing view of the Atlantic on one side, and the Caribbean on the other.

Exotic fruits are grown here such as pineapples, coconuts, and mangos, making this island a true paradise.

The Island of Eleuthera...

The island is the perfect place to forget about everyday worries and just relax.  Whether it’s kayaking along the warm waters of the beaches or just strolling along the pink sands, you are guaranteed a great time.

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